Penis. A7x


2004-11-05 12:27 am UTC (link) Select
CaPtAiN 0bVi0uSs [11:02 PM]: Is there a mirror in your pocket? Because I can definitely see myself in your pants tonight.
Auto response from callyoulidiot [11:02 PM]: Your IM has been sent to my mobile device. When I receive it, I will be able to reply. Thanks for your IM! Want your IMs forwarded to your phone? Click here

THAT'S ME!! We're going to talk on AIm sometime when I'm not on my cell!
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AARON. I miss him terribly.
Penis. A7x

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today there will be an assortment of random posts.. just incase my dad wants to see what my lj is.. therefore ignore everything today until further notice lol..

*im trying to get a paid account*